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Questions & Answers

Do I need approval to buy property in Cyprus?

A) Foreigners not residing in Cyprus can buy and acquire the Title Deed to only one property on the island, (house or flat). For this purpose, they will need the approval of the Council of ministers which these days, is really just a formality.


For Europeans, there is no restriction on the number of pieces of land or on the size of land they can buy.

Applications to the Council of Ministers must be submitted to the District administration office of the district where the property is located. A copy of the survey plan, building permit, contract of sale and the Title deed must accompany the application. When the approval is granted, provided that the separate Title deed is available, the purchaser can aquire his/her title deed.

he legal system for the island of Cyprus is the common law. Cyprus was a British colony for years and the British legal system was adopted, as well as the land registry procedures. The land registry in Cyprus dependable and investors and/or buyers can rely on the information and results of the searches produced by this office.


B) According to the immovable property Acquisition (Aliens) Law Cap.109, as amended by laws 52/69, 55/72, 50/90 and 54(1)/03, approval to acquire immovable property is no longer required (Since 1st May 2004, when Cyprus became a member of the European Community), in the following cases;


1) For a citizen of a member state of the E.E.C. who has his/her permanent home in the Republic of Cyprus.


2) For a legal person (company) who is registered according to the law of a member state of the E.E.C. and which has, as per the Constitution, the Head Office, the central administration and the main establishment, in the Republic of Cyprus.


3) For a citizen of a member state of the E.E.C. who dose not reside permanently  in Cyprus in cases where he/she acquires property other than a secondary home (i.e. land ).


4) For a legal person (i.e. a company) who is registered according to the law of a state member of the E.E.C. and which has, as per the Constitution, the Head office, the Central Administration of the Company and the main establishment in a member state, in cases of the acquisition of immovable property other than a secondary home (land).


C) According to article 2of the immovable property acquisition (Aliens) law ,Conditions, restrictions, requirements, criteria for the issue of the approval (Amended), Regulations 2004 K.D.P. 534/2004;


a. A physical person to whom a permit to stay in the Republic of Cyprus is granted, according to the conditions of article 7 and/or 11 and/or 18 and/or 30 and/or 37 and/or 57 of free movement and Residence of citizens of member state of the European community and of the members of their families, law (N92(1)/2003),is considered as having a place of permanent residence in Cyprus and


b. A legal person who is registered according to the law of a member State, means the legal person who has secured, according to the provisions of the company law, a certificate copy of the certificate of registration and/or the registered office of the company.


A person living permanently in Cyprus as per paragraph C(a) above can easily secure a certificate that he/she can use to acquire as many properties in Cyprus as he/she wishes.

The acquisition of the certificate is very simple. The citizen of a member state of the E.E.C living in Cyprus, can visit the district administration office for the area  in which he/she lives, along with his/her passport and temporary resident permit. A form, giving their full name and address, will be filled in and a fee of CY£5.00 is required  to be paid. In a few days they will receive the certificate, which gives them the right to acquire an unlimited number of properties of any size in Cyprus.


Since the 1st May 2004 when Cyprus joined the European Community, Europeans have the right to buy land without any restrictions on size or number of pieces.


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